The Farm Holidays

Casa Ronta is located in the Chiantigiane hills of Valdarno, 450 meters above the sea level. The view in unique. You can overlook the typical Blaze, caused by the watercourse’s erosion; they have a hard morphology, with scarps, steep and tight valleys, covered by a rich vegetation. Their geological formation took place in the Pleistocene, about 100.000 years ago.

You can overlook the whole valley between Florence and Arezzo;  in clear-sky days you can also see the Amiata Mountains. For this reason it is called “The terrace of Valdarno“.

The House is surrounded by Chianti vineyard, olive trees, groves and pine-wood. It is about 14 hectares of natural and uncontaminated environment, ideal for those love tranquillity and open spaces.

Casa Ronta has been recently restored and is ready for guests all the year. The owners, living in Casa Ronta, will be glad put you up in lovely flats, furnished in Tuscan style.

There is a swimming pool used only by the guests.

We produce wine and extra-virgin olive oil in the Chianti’s area.

Historical mention (from Fra il Resco ed il Ciuffenna, by Giampaolo Trotta)
Niccolò Libri (1693-1776) left his propriety to his sons Guglielmo Vincenzo and Massimiliano Bonaventura. For his under age, Massimiliano had his part only in 1781. Between the inherited propriety there was also “Podere Ronta“, near “Strada die Setti ponti“. The Casa Ronta’s architecture follows the canons of the age and the influences of Tuscany Grand duke Pietro Leopoldo, with put agriculture as the fulcrum of the economic organization.